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Are you looking for teeth whitening services in Reading? At Friar Street Dental we offer a complete selection of teeth care services, ensuring you and your teeth are happy and clean. We understand that many people dislike the dentist, it can be an extremely intimidating experience; especially if you lack the confidence in your teeth already. The thought of someone touching and prodding at your teeth is unpleasant, but far from the truth when you use our services and visit our dentists. From teeth whitening to innovative braces in Reading, you can always rely on your local dentists Friar Street Dental.

Teeth Whitening Services - Common Questions

Our teeth whitening service always transforms the look of people's teeth, injecting them with more confidence about themselves. It's a successful method to battling the horrible dingy yellow stains we encounter from food, drink and smoking.

People often ask how long the whitening lasts, What the benefits of whitening are, and is whitening 100% effective? We believe that the answers to these questions vary - the whitening last for varied amounts of time. Varying on the degree of lightness, some patients will require periodic repeats of treatment, whereas others can happily settle for the one time. The main benefits of teeth whitening ultimately improves the appearance of your teeth and is the better option to drown or veneer if you want to lighten the colour. Whitening mostly works, but whitening only works on natural teeth rather than dentures.

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