Professional Teeth Whitening Reading

Do you desire professional teeth whitening in Reading? Here at Friar Street Dental we offer a great selection of professional dentistry work, ranging from teeth whitening to cosmetic dentistry.

Having been established for over 40 years, we are the experts when it comes to providing reliable and experienced dental services for our clients in Reading. Our NHS services and affordable private cosmetic treatments are just perfect for people of any age with any kind of dental issue. With the latest techniques, materials and technology, you can rely on our dentists here at Friar Street.

The dentist is a place of fear for many people, but we are a place where anyone can feel at ease when they set foot into our dental clinic. There’s no need to fear your trip to the dentist, especially when your local dental practice is us, Friar Street Dental. Our staff are welcoming and they are generally a happy bunch of people who enjoy meeting new people and making friends.

Our cosmetic dentistry can include veneers, crowns, bridges, and tooth-coloured fillings, which offers you a great deal of options. We take time with our clients to ensure we understand your needs and you understand the options available to you. With this formed trust, you can always rely on our information to you.

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