Professional Teeth Whitening In Reading

There are many of us who look for the perfect solution to have gleaming white teeth. Why not choose our professional teeth whitening in Reading, where you can leave with a smile filled with pearly whites.

Our services at Friar Street Dental are backed by 60 years of experience, with cosmetic dentistry being one of our specialities. With our teeth whitening, we guarantee that you will be prouder to show off your teeth when you smile.

As a solution that has been around for centuries, the advancement in technologies has allowed us to improve our teeth whitening skills and ensure that each client receives the best results from our modern treatment.

Teeth whitening is a solution for those who aren't looking for something as complicated as a veneer or a crown. Though it cannot change the colour of natural teeth permanently, it can largely improve the look of your teeth.

Don't hesitate to book for your teeth whitening treatment today and you can begin your journey to obtaining cleaner, whiter looking teeth.

To find out more about our professional teeth whitening in Reading, you can give us a call on 0118 957 3668. Alternatively, you can email us at

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