Professional Cosmetic Dentistry in Reading

To ensure that you find a clinic that gives you the top-quality service you need, why not choose Friar Street Dental? We will work hard to make sure that you have your teeth looking the way you desire with our professional cosmetic dentistry in Reading.

For centuries people have been looking for ways to improve the look of their teeth. Now with so many modern developments, we have new ways of keeping our smile looking fresh to give us the confidence in the look of our teeth.

Our cosmetic dentistry covers anything from teeth straightening to tooth-coloured fillings and more. With such as wide range of treatments on offer, it’s hard not to find something that can be improved by our cosmetic dentistry. No matter what you’re looking to have done to your teeth, we will discuss all of your requirements and make sure that you are left satisfied with the result.

We understand that some people may be new to cosmetic dentistry or have worries over visiting the dentist in general. That is our friendly and experienced team will endeavour to make sure you are comfortable during your visit and give you a positive experience when you leave our clinic.

To find out more about our professional cosmetic dentistry in Reading, you can give us a call on 0118 957 3668. Alternatively, you can email us at

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