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If you are located in Berkshire and looking for a trusted NHS dentist in Reading, our staff at Friar Street Dental can take care of all your dental care needs with our long-standing knowledge and experience.

Our dental practice has been delivering our professional dental services for over 60 years. Over these years we have been a notable service that delivers many cosmetic dental treatments for both public and private clients alike. Whether you need a general check up, veneer, dental hygiene advice or more, we can offer a range of services that are dedicated to your dental care needs.

When you visit our clinic, we will make sure that you feel comfortable in our care. We understand that it can be difficult for some to face the dentist because of the state of their teeth. That is why we will endeavour to set up a pleasant and calming atmosphere, while keeping you informed about the state of your oral health.

Additionally, if you are concerned about paying the full amount for your treatment, we offer to spread the cost over a set time to give you peace of mind you won't have to pay the full sum straight away.

Don't delay to book an appointment with our team today by filling out the simple contact form on our website. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0118 957 3668, or email us at info@friar-st.eclipse.co.uk.

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