Looking For Affordable Teeth Whitening In Reading?

If you are looking for reliable and affordable teeth whitening in Reading, we at Friar Street Dental can provide you with a quality service that will leave you feeling confident in your smile.

There is beauty in every smile, and Friar Street Dental can add to that beauty by lightning your teeth so that your smile shines even brighter than before.

The lighting process does not remove the natural elements of the surface on your teeth. It is also considered an alternative to having a crown or veneer.

After the treatment is done, you will receive your own whitening gel, meaning that you can keep the effects of your treatment going away from the practice, until you return.

The financial process is simple. Our prices for these treatments, as well as our other services, are affordable and interest-free. In addition to this, you discuss price and treatment with your dentist beforehand so that there are no loose ends.

If you can't pay the complete cost immediately, then we offer you the option to pay over a set amount of time via direct debit. We want you to be comfortable with how you pay so that you do not feel forced into paying a bill up front.

If you would like to use or enquire about our services, you can contact us on 0118 957 3668, or fill in the simple form on our website.

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