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When you need to find professional teeth whitening in Reading, you can always rely on our expert dental services here at Friar Street Dental. We're recognised as an NHS dentist in Reading, but we also provide private dental services, including cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening today is an extremely popular solution to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. Naturally, as you eat and drink, your teeth can become stained over many years. For some teeth, it happens progressively whilst others are tainted very quickly. Teeth whitening used to be rare and expensive, but now it is extremely affordable. We provide custom trays for treatment, post-care and maintenance, whilst offering you take home whitening gel also.

Each patient will have a different degree of lightness, some patients may require repeat procedures periodically to keep the whiteness topped up whilst others may require less or none. Be warned though, should you wish to go through with teeth whitening, many patients experience sensitivity from hot and cold temperatures after the treatment. We'll always be able to help you through the process, and we'll assess your situation independently before going through with any treatments.

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