Cosmetic Dentistry In Reading

Do you want to investigate your options for cosmetic dentistry in Reading? Look no further than Friar Street Dental.

Dentistry has a much bigger spectrum of services compared to say ten years ago. With technological developments, we as a team of dental technicians are able to offer a great selection of dentistry services, ranging from cosmetic dentistry to regular check-ups.

We enjoy the fact that dentistry no longer consists of just filling and extracting teeth, there is more skill and opportunity available to people. Appearance is hugely important to many people in many social situations. A trip to the dentist is actually much like a trip to the hairdressers, you have many options available to either sustain your look or improve it.

Our aim is to always ensure that your trip to the dentist is as stress free as possible, and meets your needs in terms of deciding on a service which you require; whether that is reshaping your teeth, lightening them or even repairing your teeth. As a reliable cosmetic dentist located on Friar Street in Reading, we are the leading dentist in the area. We will be able to provide you with a professional service that is catered to your needs.

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