Cosmetic Dentistry In Reading

Want to give yourself a new and improved look? Sometimes, many people feel down when they look into the mirror and stare at their own face; especially when they smile. We want to rectify this issue and give you a smile worth smiling about. At Friar Street Dental, we have many cases where a person wishes to improve their dental appearance and health for various reason - their own self-confidence or even because they wish to start a new journey in their life. We guarantee that our cosmetic dentistry in Reading is the solution for you, whether you fancy a new look, or want to improve your appearance for your career.

Expert aesthetic dentistry in Reading

Dentistry is often considered to be an activity which involves you going to your local dental practice once every few months, to hear if your teeth are in good condition or not - there's so much more diversity to it now. Even though dentistry does still rely on filling and extracting teeth, there are many more options available to clients now with various cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic surgery is like having a new haircut - when you want to improve your hair, you go to see an expert, gain their opinion and then begin working together on a new look.

This is very much the service we wish to evoke - a friendly and approachable services where we can work together in a collaboration rather than being told what you need. We are happy to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair teeth, so when you require veneers, crowns, bridges and tooth coloured fillings, look no further.

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